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                                                     My Background
 The SIG co-ordinator  has been a long-time fan of fairy tales and science fiction. He actually read the Space Trilogy by C. S. Lewis before Tolkien or the Narnia tales and didn't discover the third of the Oxford Christians, Charles Williams, until college.
                                 History of the Mythopoeic SIG:
     The SIG began in June 1981. The title of the newsletter, The Cauldron comes from J. R. R. Tolkien's analogy in "On Fairy-stories" (1938) in which he referred to "the cauldron of Story, always boiling, always having new ingredients added, yet also full of many potent, ancient things served up by the author or storyteller."
    The word "mythopoeic" in the SIG's name comes from the Greek and means myth-creating and that's what we've been trying to do for all these years.


Issue 1 (June 1981)
What Is It All About, letters to the editor (Meredy Amyx, Nancy Martsch, Marilyn Heller), On Beyond Bree, The Raw and the Cooked and From Honey to Ashes (both on Claude Levi-Strauss), neocognomina (on Imaginary Worlds, the Grand Music)

issue 3 (Spring 1982)
"Robin's Quest" (episode 1), letters from Pedro Saaredra (Amadis of Gaul), Katherine Schroeder (Aeblyclaeron), Line of Occurance

issue 4 (Fall 1982)
"Robin's Quest" (episode 2), on Middle Earth, letter from Katherine, The Dark Tower, etc.

issue 5   (Winter 1982-3)
"Robin's Quest" (episode 3), Languages of Tolkien's Middle Earth, and Other Stories
letters from Katherine, Antoinette Herron, Marilyn Heller, Nostalgia for Paradise, Star Wars/Trek

issue 6 (Spring 1983)
"Robin's Quest" (episode 4), letters from Pamela Perce, Jere Guin, Heroics (Familiar Mysteries: The Truth in Myth), Languages, poem by Jim Robinson

issue 7 (Summer 1983)
"The Princess and the Goddess" by Naomi Getty, Glottochronology, "Song of the Brigsian
Exodus" by Mark Taylor, On Scripts, Steve Mark Deyo's Mythos

issue 8 (Fall 1983)
Robin's Quest" (episode 4), "Automan's Bane" by Mark Taylor, Charles Williams, Music (at Windycon X), From Chicago to Tso (Stephen R. Lawhead)

issue 9 (Fall/Winter 1984)
"Robin's Quest" (episode 6), Nolendil, Evil in the Movies, Na-Lawai'a

issue 10
"Robin's Quest" (episode 7), Government Sponsorship of Mythopoeia, "Song of Adam" and "Lord of Beasts"